After Sales Service Agreement



In accordance with the principles of equality and mutual benefit, sincere cooperation and common development, in order to better serve clients, after friendly consultations, in accordance with the principles of mutual trust and sincere cooperation, an agreement is reached and both parties abide by it.

1. Return without quality issue:
All cost standed by buyer themselves if return without quality issue. and the returned goods shall not affect the normal secondary sales. The product shall be intact and complete, including complete packaging and no damage to the appearance. If the returned merchandise affects the normal secondary sales, the buyer will deal with it by themselves.

2. When you received the goods and find quality issue
Once you received the product and find quality issue, please feedback to our company within 7 days, and the full amount will be refunded after our company receives and confirms it. If more then 7 days, we will deal with it as normal quality issue. The time is calculated based on the actual logistics information delivery as 7 working days.

3. Quality issues:
a). Within 7 days after the logistics information is delivered, due to product quality issue, the full amount will be refunded after our company received the confirmation, and we stand for all shipping cost also.
b). More than 7 days, within 1 year warranty period (battery warranty period is 6 months) due to product quality problems, our company provides free accessories and free maintenance, Buyer stand for shipping fee. Maintenance can be carried out locally at a bicycle repair shop. We will then cover any payments fees on delivery of invoices, or receipts.
c). Over 1 year warranty period, our company provides lifetime paid maintenance service, The buyer pay the all cost includes parts cost and shipping cost.

4. Non-quality issues
If the issue caused by non-quality problems, even within the warranty period, our company is only responsible for providing after-sales service, but does not bear any related costs.
Such as:
a). If it is used in the rain for a long time or immersed in water, the battery will be damaged due to various ingresses, the instrument will be damaged, and the connection cable connector will be damaged.
b). Issue caused by weight overload driving, long-time climbing or long-distance driving on bumpy roads, etc.
c). If the users does not strictly use, maintain and maintain the instructions in the user manual.
d). If the users does not authorize our company to modify, add or modify the appearance and function of the product without permission caused issue.
e). Issue caused by accidental damage caused by user storage or use in an incorrect environment.
f). If the invoice, warranty card, model and serial number do not match or change.
g). If the local laws and regulations are not followed, various accidents, etc. do not meet the warranty terms

5. Return method
The specific return process needs to be handled according to the RMA return logistics method specified by our company; if the customer uses other logistics methods for processing, our company does not assume any responsibility and related costs.

6. The final interpretation
The final interpretation of this clause belongs to our company. If there is any dispute within the validity period of the contract, the two parties negotiate to resolve it, and the agreement can be supplemented. Attachment:


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