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How to Make an Ebike Faster

Let’s take a look at a handful of ways you can push your bike to its logical limit. Will you need to remove speed limiters? What about changing up the electrics? Proceed with caution, and read on!

Check your tyres

It might not seem a very exciting way to enhance the speed of your bike, but yes – tyres have a huge impact on speed, no matter the terrain. And yes, believe it or not, there are different types of tyres for your bike, depending on where you wish to ride it.

For example, you will find that smoother tyres are best suited to roads and paths. There are more rugged tyres available if you want to take things off road for extra grip. The fact is, if you are using off road tyres on the smoother surfaces, you are going to slow down! Therefore, always check the type.

Beyond that, take a look at the air level in your tyres, too. You can increase the speed of your ebike by maximising tyre air to capacity, as there’s less resistance. However, this can be a risky manoeuvre, so always follow your manufacturer’s guidelines before going to the max.

Modify your settings

Many ebike models come with software that lets you fine-tune your riding experience. With this in mind, there may be some ways for you to remove the speed limiter, or increase the potential cutoff, to reach higher speeds overall. In some cases, these limiters may even be wired into the bike itself. In any case, you can remove them if you want your ebike to reach maximum potential.

However, doing so is, again, potentially violating some laws, and may cause warranty issues. What’s more, there is the matter of safety. Only change these fittings if it’s completely safe to do so – and as always, take care on the roads!

Keep your battery charged up

Seriously – the best and easiest way to get the fastest speeds out of your bike is to just keep that battery super-charged. The voltage your ebike produces will drop the lower the battery percentage you have left. Therefore, mathematically, you can expect top speeds at 100%, decreasing as the percentage does.

Therefore, while you may not be anywhere near 0% in battery level remaining, it still makes sense to charge up to the max before you go anywhere.

Upgrade and replace

It’s also possible to max out the speed of your ebike simply by changing up the motor and battery. This can help to increase voltage and RPM, both of which can limit how fast your ebike is likely to run at full potential.

There are quite a few intricate changes you can make to an ebike to increase its speed. However, by looking for motors and batteries that are of greater power and efficiency, you may be able to ‘quick fix’ your ebike so that it’s immediately faster on your next ride. What’s more, this option is perhaps one of the safest tips we can give you.

Of course, again, replacing anything like the original battery and/or motor may void your limited warranty. It’s either worth doing at the end of the warranty period, or if you are confident that you have enough money to cover costs of a full replacement should anything happen.

Speed things up!

Increasing the speed of your ebike is completely understandable. After all, while they are naturally very efficient, there is always going to be one step further you can go. However, do consider which options are the safest, the most legal, and which are the least likely to cause you warranty headaches further down the line. Be careful out there, too!

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